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Is a power failure very critical for Unraid?


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HI all


I been using Unraid for 2 months. Very happy!


But i was on a Windows server 2012r2 before.


When a power failure happend my windows server just booted again. 1 time i got some errros on a WD RED Pro.


But what about unraid ? Can it handel it? 


I dont feel (money) to buy a UPS right now :)




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1 hour ago, itimpi said:

It is highly recommended that you invest in a UPS to minimise the chances of a power failure having undesirable consequences.    You then configure the Unraid server to tidily shut itself down if the power goes off for more than a few minutes.

I dosent happens very often but in the world today it cut happend :)

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3 hours ago, DanielPT said:

But what about unraid ? Can it handel it? 


I dont feel (money) to buy a UPS right now :)

As has already been mentioned, the timing of the power loss determines whether or not unRAID can "handle it."  Often, the unRAID boot flash can be corrupted (usually fixed by a chkdsk in Windows) and data corruption in the array could also result.  A sudden power loss will result in an unclean shutdown and parity check when the array is restarted.


In the worst case, a sudden power loss has been known to damage components such as the motherboard, RAM, disk drives, etc.


A UPS may be one of the better investments you can make with a server that stores important data.  Sudden power cuts happen very infrequently in my area but I have had two this year.  Being on a UPS allowed my server to shut down gracefully with no damage and avoided the unclean shutdown/parity check.


A UPS is like insurance for your home.  You don't have to have it, but if you experience some kind of loss, you are sure glad you had insurance or are left wondering why you did not purchase it.  Your choice, of course.

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