Upgrading from 6.3.2 / 6.3.5 to 6.11.5. Going round in circles.

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I have 4 machines which need upgrading - two are on 6.3.2 and two are on 6.3.5

None are running anything but the basic unRAID drive array - no dockers or VMs.

No plugins other than the Dynamix webGui 2017.02.16 (6.3.2) and 2017.05.26 (6.3.5).


Tried following these instructions for v 6.3.x upgrade: https://wiki.unraid.net/Manual/Upgrade_Instructions


Under Plugins, when I [Check for Updates] it finds an update to 6.3.5


Unfortunately, when I try to [update] it tells me:


plugin: updating: unRAIDServer.plg
plugin: downloading: https://s3.amazonaws.com/dnld.lime-technology.com/stable/unRAIDServer-6.5.3-x86_64.zip ... failed (Invalid URL / Server error response)
plugin: wget: https://s3.amazonaws.com/dnld.lime-technology.com/stable/unRAIDServer-6.5.3-x86_64.zip download failure (Invalid URL / Server error response)


That update file is no longer on S3 🤨



So I figure I need to upgrade manually - probably to a later version?


Then I see this guidance:  https://unraid.net/blog/6-11-1


So I decide I should run the Update Assistant - and I go to Tools to find it - except there is no update assistant!  🤔



So then it says I need to install the Fix Common Problems plugin.


And I read this article: 



Which tells me to go to the Apps tab and search for Fix Common Problems


Except that I don't have an Apps tab! 😟


I have: Dashboard / Main / Shares / Users / Settings / Plugins / Tools



And at this point I am forced to admit defeat. Any idea what I need to do to get to the point where I can actually upgrade unRAID OS?




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