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no internet on server and can't seem to delete stuff on array

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Your cache drive is completely full, corrupting docker.img. Not a good idea to overfill btrfs filesystem.


Best to not cache anything for the initial data load. It is impossible to move from fast cache to slow array as fast as you can write to fast cache, so making mover run more often also will not help.


One way to speed up initial load is to not install parity until you have completed initial load.

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4 hours ago, outwar6010 said:

how do i fix this? force mover to empty the drive remove the cache and continue the initial load? will that fix everything?

Running mover will result in any shares that have Use Cache=Yes setting having any content they have on the cache/pool transferred to the array.


You should also ensure you have set the Minimum Fred Space value for any pool to something that suits your usage to help with avoiding overfilling the pools/cache.   That will mean that new files will start bypassing the cache/pool when that limit has been reached.

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You will also want to wait until you have cache to enable Docker and/or VM Manager. You want appdata, domains, system shares on cache or other fast pool so Docker/VM performance isn't impacted by slower array, and so array disks can spin down since these files are always open.

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