Building my first UNRAID homeserver soon. Advice wanted.


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Hi everyone,


I'm sorry for the millionth thread with specs for a home server, but I would really appreciate your input, before dedicating to certain purchases. I want to build a NAS with some extra options. Mostly for:


 • Storage

 • Automatic Linux ISO downloads 

 • (remote) Media library (likely through Jellyfin) 

 • Minecraft server


I want to make an Unraid setup, and I had the following specs in mind


 • MSI Z590-A PRO

 • Intel i3-10105, 3,7ghz quad core w/ intel 630 gpu

 • 2x 8gb 3200mhz ram

 • WD SN770 500gb M.2 SSD as a cache

 • Several 18TB Seagate exos drives (and slowly add onto that)

 • Corsair RM650

 • Cooler Master Hyper 212

 • Fractal Design Define R5


Let me know what you think, and if I could improve on certain aspects. Not looking to go a lot bigger budget wise, but if money could be spent more wisely I'm all ears.




PCPartPicker list

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You might want to add a second cache drive - the first one to be used for downloads and the second one for app data.

But then you'd have to change the processor to the 11th gen.

Even though your selected motherboard features three M.2 slots, it has specific limitations on their usage.


the first M.2 slot gets activated only with the 11th gen processors.

the second M.2 slot if populated will disable one of SATA ports, but only if used by a SATA M.2 drive (make sure to purchase only NVMe M.2 drives).

the third M.2 slot disables two SATA ports if populated by any of the m.2 drives, making it unusable for a NAS.

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