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Hello, I need help with installation configuration at the beginning we tried something wrong that gives us a lot of load we need to dream i.e. vm players but the problem with the nvidia T1000 GPU I don't know that the players work remotely please give us information quite and what should we do to operation without jamming without lags without jamming under the machine if we turn something on unraid the quality of the application, e.g.
I do not know if it is necessary to enable IOMMU in the bios
also please give me every generation from beginning to end so that you can operate without load and without jamming I do not know if it is worth adding ZFS with a disk under RAID or has it already died and the matter
that something is not working, I tried to add two 2x hdd disks, e.g. 4TB or 8TB and nothing happens with Parity 1 and Parity 2, nothing works, I was left with empty Parity 1 and Parity 2, I added a whole disk on HDD 4pcs on disk 1 to disk 4 and then cache to SSD 1TB u cache devices pls
As after auto formatting, I immediately see the orange color, something problem
And what connection what there to bury there u boot device
I just need a machine to play like a cloud please give me
Please configure the B550-I GAMING bios
FURY 64GB x2 32GB to 64GB
FAN Noctua NH-L9a-AM4 cooling
2x 4TB 3.5 HDD and NAS 2x8TB HDD 3.5
SSD 2.5 1TB
USB 125GB os unraid
jonsbo n1 case

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How many clients are we Talking about?


what is „dream i.e“ Language barrier in my case.

what should that Quadro do? Sriov? Could you pls Segment your questions and be more specific what you want to achive?


when you want one cloud VM for yourselfe, you can do a few things that work just fine.



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