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Asus ThreadRipper Upgrade LCD = FF


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I recently upgraded my Unraid server to AMD ThreadRipper from Intel and have a niggling little issue.


The motherboard LCD always says FF but when booted via windows has AA.


The USB is booting over UEFI.


Ay ideas or solutions for getting the Motherboard to see the OS has loaded sucesssfully?

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BTW, I wouldn't call this an issue, more of a hmm, that's interesting.


Reason being, board manufacturers spend most of their resources making sure ms windows works, very little effort is put into alternative OS's. Just because the board doesn't detect the OS loading sequence doesn't mean it's not working. Probably a BIOS update would be needed to fix it, but I doubt the board manufactures even know or care, so it's probably not going to get fixed. It's not something that Unraid is going to address.

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