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NFS mount issues with permission since I updated to Unraid version 6

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Okay, I googled this one for weeks, tried many things, but can't find how to fix this issue...


Since I updated to Unraid 6 this fall, from V5*, I have issues with NFS share permission... before, it used to be somehow anonymous or something... Every device that connected to the server (and was part the the whitelist) had full access to the files...

Now, files are owned by  "99 - user #99"

I cannot use, or modify the files...



When I create new files on the shares, they are owned my local user... That should not be neither! 


I need help!


Details (some infos were redacted):

Server, Unraid OS 6.11.5

Share properties: set to private and [my-ip](sec=sys,rw,no_root_squash)

(no_root_squash was added lately following some guides)


Clients: Linux PCs (Pop!OS 22.04)

Mounting options:   nofail,timeo=5,hard,intr


Can someone help me with this?



*(I know, I was far behind on updates... but I never got the notification to step to V6 before V5 was EOL ! But I accepted every update that I was presented with... can't tell what happened!) 

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