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How to reset the config and keep data

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Hi, I have an UnRaid server running 6.11.5. It has two interfaces which resides on two separate networks. Lets say and


I have some VMs i wanted to run, so thought i could convert the unraid from baremetal to using ESXi. I installed ESXi on the same server but did not get the desired outcome, so i have reverted back to using UnRaid as baremetal.


But now I am having a problem. The problem is i am not sure what is/if corrupted but the server is now complaining of having two interfaces on the same subnet when they are not. This causing an issue as my firewall gets confused where the packet is coming from hence randomly blocking packets to the UnRaid. The firewall (Pfsense) works for all else, so i doubt its the firewall.


So far, I tried using different NICs, disabling the onboard and using PCIe NICS, backing up the flash drive and restoring it, but it did not help and i am still getting random network errors (firewall blocking packets. I even re-installed the pfsense firewall but still having this problem.


Next step, i would like to start with a fresh unraid install but keep the data (naturally). Can you please advice what is the best way to go about this? keeping in mind a back and restore of the current config did not resolve the issue.


FYI, I am network engineer. Hence have some knowledge on how this supposed to work. I already checked and made sure its not the firewall nor the switch/VLANs. also, Its not subnet mask nor a network issue.



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