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Two SSD Cache drives failed. Original and the replaced drive in two weeks.

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I had a cache pool with two Inland 120gb ssd, Encrypted BTRFS. I had to reboot and the the drive changed from SATA_SSD, to SATAFIRM S11. I could not even format the drive in another pc. This apparently is a Phison controller issue. I replaced both Inland 120gb, with Inland 512gb SSD (Encrypt BTRFS cache pool) and been running fine for about two weeks. Better than before, so maybe the bad 120gb ssd was like that for awhile. Today docker was down and apparently corrupted. I did not reboot yet. The logs on the one ssd (same cage slot as the 120gb that failed) has lots of errors. Should I assume that the slot or cable is bad? Previously with the 120gb I could change shares to yes to transfer to array. It appears that option is gone. I have other new unopened Inland 512gb I can use. Any suggestions?    


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Thank you for the reply. I have a Adaptec ASR 71605 1GB 16Port HBA and an icy dock drive cage for the ssds. I only see I/O errors on the SSDs. Is there a way to determine if the error is with the drive cage vs hba/cabling vs power connectors? At this point I guess just reseat all the connectors?  

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Update. I shutdown and cleaned the system and checked the cables. I put the ssd in an enclosure and tried it on my main pc. It was recognized as encrypted but obviously a diff operating system. I tied to send a remove safely command and I/O failure (like the bad 120gb ssd). I put it back in the server and booted. Bam! like with the bad 120gb SSD,   SATAFIRM_S11, device is disabled, contents emulated. What are the chances of SATAFIRM_S11 on two SSDs in the same bay. What causes SATAFIRM_S11? No other drives have this issue. 

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