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Configuration not found. Was this container created using this plugin?


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Recently, (probably around January 17th) my nextcloud auto upload stopped working. So I thought rebooting the system would fix it. But that didn't work. So I thought maybe updating the app would work, but whenever I tried updating it, I get this error "Configuration not found. Was this container created using this plugin?"

All the apps are still working, my plex is working and qbittorrent etc all work, but I can't seem to update any app and can't login to nextcloud gives me a 500 server error when trying to login.


Attaching diagnostics.


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23 hours ago, itimpi said:

The templates holding the settings you used for docker containers installed via CA are on the flash drive in config/plugins/DockerMsn/templates-user.    You might want to check you have those as your symptoms suggest that they might not be there.

I think I have a feeling I know what happened, when I switched my unraid from an older machine to a new machine it was no longer booting, so I kinda foolishly just reformatted the stick and reinstalled unraid on it. I thought I was screwed, but I believe I had some of the configs backed up somewhere on the hard drive so everything just started to work on it's own without me having to reconfigure everything..... (here is my post from reddit)


but now the folder you mentioned is empty (except for a new app i installed just to test).


Any suggestions on how this can be fixed now?

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50 minutes ago, rizzyc said:

I believe I had some of the configs backed up somewhere on the hard drive so everything just started to work on it's own without me having to reconfigure everything

Not the full story of how it works.


Your docker.img is on your data storage somewhere, and that contains the container executables. Your appdata is on your storage somewhere, and that is where each application has its working storage (settings, etc.)


So, if you have all that, the dockers will run, but without those templates from flash, the webUI doesn't know how to work with them.

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10 minutes ago, trurl said:


i figured the path had a typo, so I checked that directory is now empty except for the new app I installed.
so everything is working but as you mentioned webUI doesn't know what is going on and I can't update any apps.

But all my docker apps actually still run.


If I remove each container, is there a way to save the config, or should I just manually like take a screnshot of my setting and reinstall everything.





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I have this problem on one of my servers but only the first docker app is affected.  All the other apps are ok.




I didn't bother to do anything and now a couple months later, on a completely different server, I have the same problem.  Only the first docker app is affected (note that krusader is the second app on this other server and it's ok there).




So I looked at the template file and found that it was corrupted.  That's just weird.





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Here's a trick if you don't have a backup or just as another way to solve this problem.


Go to the Apps and install a second instance.


Go to the console and navigate to "config/plugins/DockerMan/templates-user" (as mentioned by trurl above).


Copy/replace the old, broken template file with the new template from your new instance.




Edit the file that you just replaced using the vi editor and change the name of the container to match the name of the old container.








In the Docker tab the app won't have an "Edit" menu item but after you've followed the steps above and then refresh the Docker tab the "Edit" button will show up and you will be able to update the app again.






You can now remove the second instance since you don't need it anymore.

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