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  1. Can anyone recommend the most current working endpoint for PIA? Montreal and Toronto were my "go-to" endpoints but once configured, I'm not getting any ip address returned when doing "curl" from nzbget docker console window. EDIT: Montreal appears to be working right now. Really curious if there's another setting or something I need to configure to keep the connection active?
  2. Ok, looks like I actually had 25s set in the tunnel already. Thanks anyway!
  3. Yeah, unfortunately PIA is not as straightforward. There's some utilities to generate the .conf file so I'm good there. The persistent keepalive sounds interesting. Is that just another line I need to add to the .conf? I'm not familiar with it. Thanks
  4. I had this working with a couple servers in Canada (I'm in the US) but it seems to go down often. I switched back to the *vpn containers and seems to be working but my speeds are like 1/3 of what they were using wireguard. I'd appreciate some additional setup instructions with PIA as well if someone has this working reliably?
  5. Is your tunnel still working? I keep getting timeout errors with both Montreal and Toronto.
  6. I’m not sure why. For some reason the tunnel stops working. I reload a different conf file I made that works and it’s back again. Been cycling between CA Toronto and CA Montreal. Do you know a server that is working well for you?
  7. What’s the latest consensus on best commercial VPN provider to use with WireGuard on UnRAID? I’ve got PIA working but often have to change servers. With BF deals, I was thinking of switching but I want a provider with fast, reliable servers that I can auto-generate or download a .conf file to use with UnRAID. Thanks
  8. So I'm new to wireguard but managed to setup a tunnel for all of my internet traffic to be routed thru my UnRAID server and I've successully setup my iPhone as a client and it's working great. Now I'm trying to get a wireguard tunnel setup so I can route certain dockers thru my PIA VPN. I was able to create the .conf file using the utility (nice work!) but I'm not sure if I need to configure anything else in UnRAID when I import the tunnel? When I set nzbget to use my custom tunnel (wg1), I can't get any response for an ip address using curl in a console for the respective docker. Do I just need to try another PIA server? Any suggestions on which one to use for dockers like nzbget and deluge? EDIT: So I finally found a server that works...I think. It's the CA-Toronto one. I get an IP address from Toronto returned to me when typing curl inside a docker terminal. Anything else I need to verify?
  9. I tried downgrading to 6.10.3 but still have the same 2 clients that won’t connect (haven’t tried the Win 10 pc yet). The other 2 that were working under 6.11.3 are still working.
  10. Thanks and sorry...didn't scroll down far enough! 😖
  11. Where can I download this version of the OS? I need to downgrade my current version to troubleshoot an issue and I'm too far from this version to use the Upgrade OS tool.
  12. Thanks for responding. I added ntlm auth = yes to my smb extra configuration in my UnRAID SMB settings but didn’t observe any change with the clients that are timing out. If I restrict smb to v1 min and max in Kodi then I can use smb to browse to my WORKGROUP but no further. On one of the unresponsive clients, with smb min setting to v1 and max to v3, I can actually browse my shares in Kodi but when Emby Next Gen tries to connect to it there’s a timeout. I’m really at a loss now since I have some clients working, one can browse the shares and the others show no signs of any connection at all. This is so frustrating… Edit: at least now I can correlate when my clients lost connection to my server happened with the upgrade to 6.11. It has been over a month I’ve been trying to figure out what happened.
  13. I was a bit premature in thinking I had solved this. For some reason, I've got it working on one AFTV client (EDIT: now 2 AFTV clients different vintages and one wired with the other wireless but I can’t get another wired AFTV to work nor a Windows 10 version of Kodi as a well as my Nividia Shield TV Pro) but not on 2 others, a Win10 pc or my nVidia Shield TV Pro. I would think this would lend itself to a client side issue but I can't seem to figure it out. The first AFTV client seemed to work after I made 2 changes: 1) I changed the min level SMB Client setting to v1 (from any) 2) I changed the SMB security setting on my "media" share from private (requires username and password) to secure (guest read only access). The AFTV cleint that is working is a 1st or 2nd gen FireTV (the square box version with a wired connection) but one of the other AFTV's is the same vintage and the other is a FireTV Stick Lite. The server timeout issue points to a permissions issue but I don't understand why I don't have issues with other apps on the same clients (e.g. the Emby app works fine)? @Frank1940: I've been reading thru several of the threads you've created on SMB and UnRAID. Pretty helpful but I have a couple questions around best practices for setting up shares to be accessed by clients like my AFTV's and Shield Pro (e.g. secure vs private, netbios on/off etc). Seems Kodi adds another layer of complexity. Curious if you have any thoughts on things I might try to narrow down the issue?
  14. Changed the name of the thread to see if I could find someone with more understanding of network configuration and local setttings.
  15. Update: the team over at Emby have successfully tested my setup over WAN and found no issues playing my media library via Kodi. This points to a LAN issue. Anyone who might be able to help me troubleshoot my LAN setup (or software configuration changes within UnRaid or Kodi) would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.