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  1. Resurrecting this thread for any S2600cp owners out there. Just wondering what bios everyone is running? My server is currently on 86B.02.06.0002 but I’ve seen updates to 02.06.0006, .0006rev2 and .0007. Not positive if these apply to my board or not? Also interested in updating the SELViewer. My system event logging is showing off in IPMI so I guess I need to dig into the BIOS. It seems my event log was full and stopped recording events (unbeknownst to me). Edit: upon further investigation, it looks like these new BIOS revisions are for 60X chipsets. Finally, has anyo
  2. No but that’s what I was wondering - if there’s a CL command I could invoke.
  3. Having a similar issue with this container. In my case, I just installed it, went to the webgui, no response, tried to restart then stop it, no response so I tried to edit it and same. Finally tried to remove it and it's completely unresponsive. I'd reboot the server but I'm in the middle of a preclear. Is there a safe way to stop it from the command line? My other dockers are working fine (ie responding to restart and stop commands) and the container log just says there's no log because docker is marked for removal. Edit: Docker became unresponsive so I had to stop and start the a
  4. Ok, so I was able to check it but the system said the log is full and my last entry was from 2016. There was no clock in the UEFI shell so how do I know if my system time is correct or if I need a new battery? Anyway, I exported the log and cleared it. Should this be happening automatically or are you supposed to periodically do it?
  5. Sorry, I’m not sure I know how to check it? Edit: Did some searching. So I should reboot the server and enter bios? I’ve just been warned about rebooting the server after an error so was a little paranoid but I think I understand why it makes sense.
  6. Just got an MCE error for the first time and looking for some advice. Thanks.
  7. yeah, my issue was I deselected this container for backup but didn't exxlude it from being shutdown during the backup I meant once the precelar process was interrupted. it was already zeroing but the info on the pre-read was scarce.
  8. Just a quick note for anyone using CA app data/backup running. Somehow (even though I read the FAQ), I forgot to turn this off and the zeroing was interrupted. Anyway, there’s a toggle in this plugin to keep the docker running in case your backup falls during a preclear. One question I have is the disk I was preclearing made it to zeroing. If I had any errors during the read how would I know? The emails I got didn’t indicate anything. I’ll probably just run it again but was curious?
  9. Ok got it. Like I said, the icon to format the disk is what confused me. I’ll preclear it and leave it unassigned or remove it. When I do have to assign it then it will be formatted. Thanks.
  10. If I add it to the array then it becomes part of parity. When I go to remove it won’t UnRaid want to rebuild my parity drive? However, since the drive is just precleared, I don’t think it affects parity and I can override the rebuild but am I crazy in thinking/remembering that in the old days of the Joe L script, I could preclear a drive without adding it to the array? Edit: Maybe we’re saying the same thing. My goal is just to stress test this disk so I know it’s ready in case of a problem.
  11. Disk is “added” but unassigned. I want to preclear the disk so it’s ready in case of a drive failure. I just don’t remember seeing the format notice on a device before but I haven’t added or precleared a drive in quite some time! So the order of operations is preclear, format, assign?
  12. Just read thru last couple pages of this thread. Seems like everything is taken care of (known bugs anyway) but was looking for some confirmation before clearing a 10TB drive with this docker. Also, my parity is currently rebuilding and the new disk is unassigned and not formatted. I guess I need to wait to stop array and format or does the preclear script also do this per my disk setting (ie MBR 4K aligned)? I think I found my answer In FAQ: Alignment Options (-a and -A flags) Below is the logic built into the preclear script when determining the starting sector f
  13. I have this scrolling issue with the dashboard tab. Docker tab works fine. Affects all iOS devices running iOS 14.2 and Safari or Chrome.
  14. I was having same issue. Tried multiple ovpn configuration files with the q22 change. First the cipher error then when I changed locations it was still expecting the old file (still haven’t found where this setting is as I’ve forgotten from when I set it up previously). Anyway, I just deleted the entire openvpn folder contents and copied the .cert, .perm and .ovpn files again this time using same region as I had started with (Czech Republic) and voilà, it worked. ??
  15. Is support for nzbgetvpn dead? Is there another alternative for vpn with an nzb downloader? Edit: I just deleted, reinstalled and reconfigured docker and it's working. No idea what changed.