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  1. Is support for nzbgetvpn dead? Is there another alternative for vpn with an nzb downloader? Edit: I just deleted, reinstalled and reconfigured docker and it's working. No idea what changed.
  2. Damn...was hoping it wasn’t just me. Just curious if yours was working and then stopped suddenly? And in theory, why couldn’t these two containers use different VPN servers?
  3. My nzbgetvpn stopped working with vpn enabled. I’m using PIA and latest docker release. Anyone else experience this and have a solution? DelugeVPN still working correctly as usually if it is a PIA issue they break together.
  4. I remember flashing FW but knock on wood, I think most of my “red ball” issues are related to my backplanes or cables.
  5. I rebuilt parity. Here's the short SMART test report. Do you see anything I should be concerned about? tower-smart-20191017-2122.zip
  6. Thanks for the quick response. Is there not a good preclear tool for the current release? What do you suggest I do to determine the state of the failed drive? Also, can you tell anything from the diagnostics about the significance of the errors?
  7. I had a drive go down last night. Syslog showed some errors. I captured the Diagnostics (attached) but was unable to get the drive to show up after several start/stops of the array. I just went ahead and replaced the drive since I had a spare handy but was hoping to get some feedback on my next steps. The drive is still rebuilding now and I'm currently out of SATA slots in my server. With the higher capacity drive I used, I could copy over data from a smaller drive to the new one as well so I can put the failed drive back in the machine and do SMART tests and run a pre-clear. The issue is I'm not sure of the best process to reduce the array by one drive. I remember a long time ago do this without losing parity but not sure that's still an option in the latest version of UnRAID (6.7.2)? I checked the FAQ but I wasn't sure if it was updated with the most current best practice for doing this? Several of my drives are old so I'm a little concerned about being uprotected while Parity rebuilds. tower-diagnostics-20191015-0231.zip
  8. Did you add this to the latest container or do I need to create the variable first? I don’t see it currently. Thanks.
  9. Ok, thanks. What server did you specify for PIA? I found US-Midwest to be the fastest one for my connection.
  10. Not a lot of activity here but will ask anyway. Is anyone using NZBgetVPN with PIA and getting download speeds above 10MB/sec (assuming you have a faster internet and news host connection) since the change to PIA's port forwarding capabilities? If so, which server are you specifying? I can only get faster speeds now by disabling VPN service. Thanks.
  11. I have the 4096 cert file presumably because strong certs was enabled. I don't remember why I enabled this in the first place so dropping back to the 2048 version shouldn't be an issue? It doesn't look like my strong cert files are being updated when I pull a new version of the docker (i.e. files are from 2017). EDIT: I was able to get this docker working again by doing a clean install and then copying the correct cert files in the openvpn directory.
  12. Thanks, this worked for me as well. I agree it doesn’t make sense that reverting to an older version fixes the problem.
  13. Can you please screenshot your /config/openvpn/ directory? I tried Switzerland as well to no avail.
  14. I tried option 1 but it didn't work for me. I also didn't see a variable for STRICT_PORT_FORWARD in my settings. Is this because I have an outdated template? EDIT: I also noticed more than one file in the /config/openvpn/ directory. Is this an issue? I tried removing the openvpn.ovpn file but no change.
  15. Thanks for the response. I had to do an unclean shutdown. No obvious cable issues. I rebuilt the drive last night and it has been running ok since. I guess I'll just keep an eye on this HBA.