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Hi all, I’m barely new to Unraid. I’ve already setup my server with SMB share to access my files from Windows PC.

I’m now looking for a way to access to my files when I’m outside from my home network.

How can I do that? 
My goal is to be able to access to a specific share from all over the world from a Pc, and maybe setup a simple backup for my iPhone photos…

Any help will be appreciated.

thank you very much


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Unraid has the WireGuard VPN server built in and as long as the client machine you use can run a WireGuard client (e.g. Windows, iOS, iPadOS, Android) then you can use that to securely connect and operate as if you were connected directly to your local LAN.  There are other similar options available but since WireGuard is built in I find that the most convenient.


Whatever you do you must not try and expose an Unraid server to the internet directly by putting it into your router's DMZ as it is not hardened against the attacks you would then get.

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I've enabled UPnP on my Ubiquity router, 

I also have a string like that in my Tunnel config:



I've then setup my phone using the QR code as shown in the guide but I'm unable to run a ping test for the Peer address... I don't know what I'm doing wrong...

I'm also not having the handshake


Some other info; my internet connection is a PPoE FFTH. I've removed the provider router and go straight from the GPON ONT to the Ubiquity USG.

In Ubiquity software I've add a port forwarding rule for port 51820 to the UnRaid server IP. So for me everything seems to be right...

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