Will unraid be made open source?

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Hi there, I had come across this post https://perfectmediaserver.com/01-overview/overview and had known of the website for quite some time. But essentially, this post https://perfectmediaserver.com/01-overview/faq/#what-about-unraid-openmediavault-or-freenas is basically saying that the perfect media server is something open source. I have found a comparisment here https://perfectmediaserver.com/01-overview/faq/#what-about-unraid-openmediavault-or-freenas.

But what I dont want is that in 30 years time something happens to unraid, and it shuts down or something like that. I hope it does last until the 24th century. I know it is built atop open source, but I have heard some people say unraid is not open source? i don't know if unraid is open source and the only part that is closed source is the payment system? If unraid is not open source, it would be a great feature to have, considering it's about self-hosting and people want things to last.

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