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Hey all,


Just wondering if I should be concerned with this. Yesterday, I noticed that my UnRAID server (6.11.3) was maxing out my upload bandwidth. This went on for a few hours until I rebooted my server. After digging into it a bit, I noticed a lot of connections to what DNS says is The IP address is which appears to host 48,000 + domains. Not really helpful. I ran iftop and netstat commands and found a bunch of connections (both from my GUI port and also via SSH). These connections are always connected.


I shut down all of my dockers and VM's so it doesn't look like it's coming from one of those. This leads me to believe it's a plugin.


Attached is screenshot of the output from iftop, netstat and a list of my currently installed plugins. Are there any other commands I can run to figure out what's causing this traffic and should I be concerned?


Thank you,









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