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Jumping in the Deep End - Znelbok's 24 drive build


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Hi all


I just purchased my Norco RPC4224 case and a few other bits for it and I am about to order the rest of it now, but before I do I thought it would be prudent to post here first and make sure there was nothing seriously wrong with the hardware selection.


I have not used unRaid yet, so I am taking a bit of a chance here, but I am not totally unfamiliar with Raid.  I build an external 12 drive rackmount cage about 5 years ago that used an Addonics PCI-x eSATA card that supports port multipliers, and SNT hot swap drive cages.  I have three raid5 configurations in it but can't expand without destroying the array and then rebuilding.  I was looking for a drive extender repalcement and came across unRaid (again, looked at it a while ago but forgot about it) and decided it was the way to go.


Its based on Raj's 24 drive design, but with a few modifications, mainly just using current/new version hardware.


OS at time of building: TBA

CPU: Intel i3 2100 (Should I use the 2100T?)

Motherboard: Supermicro X9SCM-F-O (Updated version of the X8SIL-F-O)

RAM: Kingston 2x2Gb ECC Ram

Case: Norco RPC-4224

Drive Cage(s): N/A

Power Supply: Corsair TX-650 V2 650W Enthusiast

SATA Expansion Card(s): 2 x Supermicro AOC-SAS2LP-MV8 (Updated version of the AOC-SASLP-MV8)


2 x House Brand Molex 79576-3007 Mini SAS / SATA Cable

4 x 1m 30AWG Internal Mini SAS 36pin (SFF-8087) Male to Mini SAS 36pin (SFF-8087) Male Cable

Fans: [/url] Standard Fans to start with


Parity Drive: Western Digital Caviar Green WD20EARX 2TB

Data Drives: Mix of existing sata and 2TB from above

Cache Drive: Existing 320Gb WD

Total Drive Capacity:


Primary Use: Music and Movie streaming to xbmc and data storage



Add Ons Used:

Future Plans:


Boot (peak):

Idle (avg):

Active (avg):

Light use (avg):


Angle photo


Interior photo


Powered On photo


Closing comments

Being in Australia, its difficult to find some of this gear at reasonable prices, so I have to order from the US, get it sent to a family friend and then forwarded to me.  I just wish Newegg would do international orders.



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Went through the same thing with my build. I just came back from the US with an extra Supermicro SASLP MV8 PCIe card that I could part with if your interested.  Not SAS2 version, though brand new from Superbizz.

I'm in Sydney, PM me if interested.


Could also dig up the info for you on where I bought the SASLP currently running in my server. From the US shipped here at what seemed a reasonable price at the time.

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Could also dig up the info for you on where I bought the SASLP currently running in my server. From the US shipped here at what seemed a reasonable price at the time.


Please do so, this stuff in Aus is a rip-off!


Totally understood!


I bought the Supermicro controller card I have installed on my server with cables and all from this eBay seller. a computer outfit in San Jose, California.

Before buying the SAS card, I was able to discuss with the seller the parts and cables to use, since he also sells the SFF-8087 Supermicro breakaway cables. He suggested a different cable model than what I was buying from him, and sent me those. It was brand new stock, and everything has worked like a charm.




The extra Supermicro SASLP-MV8 card I have here, I got from Superbiizz in May. It was delivered to my house in the USA, and I picked it up in June on my trip. That was a deal sale I found here through the 'Good Deals' page of this forum, also BNIB if you want it. It is still in its sealed static bag.


But this seller in San Jose' is knowledgeable. If you prefer to buy from that link, no worries.


I have another Supermicro controller card on the way that I'd like to test with, PCI card since I don't have any more PCIe high bandwith ports left on my MB.




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I bought a pair of SFF8087 breakout cables from eBay as backups. Arrived quickly in a bulk bag, and looked well built, but have yet to try them. At that price, I believe it's worth the risk. Direct from China the prices are ridiculous!


If you buy a pair and try them out, let us know how it goes.



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