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  1. www.shoppingexpress.com.au/ They will have these 8TB drive for sale at $299 as part of their EOFY sales. ($37.38/TB) Lots of other NAS drives going cheap as well WD Red 4TB - $209 ($52.25/TB) WD Red 3TB - $139 (46.33/TB)
  2. I'm no expert in these waters, just looking into a similar situation. I think maybe you need to automate a logon to the unraid server and stop and halt it before the ESXi server goes down. There is a shutdown.sh script that is supposed to do what you want in ESXi, but if it is not working nicely with your unraid VMTools to do the clean shutdown then try "remotely" shutting down Unraid first as a separate job. Mick
  3. There was a plop specifically configured for Unraid. I am not sure where it is, but maybe start in the ATLAS thread.
  4. Hi all I built an Atlas clone a couple of years ago - 5beta12 version - using ESXi 5 Its been running fine and its time to upgrade from the beta version of unraid to a stable version. When building, I decided not to use plop, but rather create a hard drive in the guest for the system to boot from. Call it bad judgement, I only crated a 500mb drive - large enough to load unraid onto and a bit of space to spare. Now when it comes time to upgrade, the drive is full and I can;t copy the new files onto it. I cleaded out a couple of the add-ons that I had loaded in - twonky, etc, but I cant create enough space. Whats the best way forward from here I see two options, but there are questions and concerns on both 1 - increase the size of the drive from 500mb to 4GB. Expanding is easy, but getting the filesystem to use the new full size of the partition is proving troublesome. I copied the virtual disk to another PC running vmware, expanded it OK and then started GParted to take care of the filesystem. I noticed that it was a fat32 system and GParted stopped with an error and was not able to complete the expansion. 2 - Move back to booting from the USB stick. This means using Plop based on original build info. I am not sure if the use of Plop is still required for booting from a USB stick in ESXi. My concern here is where is all the raid info kept. Will the configuration etc be there and will the array be intact? Are there any other caveats to moving back to booting from the USB stick instead of the virtual hard drive. I need some guidance on the best way forward and you guys are the Gurus to help Mick
  5. Thanks Just for clarification, I boot from a virtualised disk, in the go file it gets mounted mount -L BOOT /mnt/vmdk This prevents the above method from working for me "/dev/sda already mounted" Just like flash has a share for windows to access, I want to create one [permanent] for the mounted drive above (BOOT).
  6. No one I just want to know how to share the drive so I can copy files to it from windows like we can for the flash drive.
  7. I have my system booting from a vm disk and it mounts as /mnt/vmdk. I want to make it visible via samba like the flash and every other drive (I need to copy the latest version to it for an upgrade) I tried editing /etc/samba/smb-shares.conf but upon reboot the drive was not visible in window explorer and the addition to the file was gone. So I have obviously missed something simple, but my linux is poor (and that being generous). What do I have to do to make the folder /mnt/vmdk visible via samba? Thanks Mick
  8. Thank you Did not realize upgrading was so easy. So with the Movies share, I have a split level of 2, as there is a folder HD & SD under the root of the share. This means they can be split across any of the allowed drives, but they are not going to drives that have free space. I suspect that I have the min free space too low (500,000 - 500 meg) which is allowing folders to be created on them and then large HD files are "stuck" not being able to go any where else. Does this make sense? To fix this I should up the min free space to say 25Gb to prevent this from happening. I assume that this is what is causing the issues with my users share as well. Even though it is at 1 and available to all disks, the min free is too low and thus the folders are created on a disk with low space and then they are "stuck" there. To initially fix this, can I manually move files around from disk1 to disk 2 where there is free space available. Simple features was remove (regretfully - it was a nice add-on) so I will give the upgrade a go. Mick
  9. Split level on user shares is 1 Split level on Movies is 2 (also having same issues here) Need to re-read what the split levels are for again Thanks for asking/helping
  10. I tried to copy to the array today but it failed and when I went looking I found that my cache drive is full (less space than the file being copied to it). I tried to "empty" it manually by initiating the mover script but looking at the logs it appears that the cache drive is not emptying because the drives are full. Feb 14 05:01:23 Tower logger: rsync: open "/mnt/user0/Users/Installs/DropboxInstaller.exe" failed: No space left on device (28) This is an example of what I am seeing for a whole lot of files. now the Users share is spread across all my drives and when I run the compute... Users [browse /mnt/user/Users] General Users Data - Nothing Specific 1.18 TB 461.68 GB cache: 299.77 GB 9.83 GB disk1: 524.96 GB 0 disk2: 0 140.61 GB disk3: 345.35 GB 0 disk4: 8.24 GB 321.07 GB You can see that some drives are full completely with nothing left while others have ample space (140GB + 321GB) The cache drive is only 400GB and it has files for other shares on the same drives. How do I fix this so that I can empty the cache drive and copy files to the server again. Unraid v5.0beta12a (please dont say "just upgrade" - time is against me and if I could have upgraded I would have by now. I do not know linux and every step is tedious as I (re)learn what I have to do)
  11. Hi all I have just realised that I never added VMTools to my unraid install. I am still back on 5.0-beta12a. Which package do I use? Thanks Mick
  12. Thankyou. Yes, mis-styped virtualization. What do you mean by "Or with 6.x beta you can change the hypervisor"? Do you mean change to a different hypervisor such as Zen or other. I though 5.x would run on other hypervisors as well?
  13. I have not been here for about two years as my system has been running fine and not needed any tweaking. I came back to day to look at the option of adding plex and Logitech media centre and found so many topics that I had no idea about. What is docker? What version does it apply to? Is there anything new to visualization? My system is an ESXi guest which needs to be upgraded by the looks of it. There is so much that I can't possible read it all to work it all out. Thanks Mick
  14. I wil confrm that it is working well for v5. Installed it yesterday and all going well.
  15. Hi all Just started using mc for transferring some files but I have a question that I cant fins an answer for in the help file. I have started a transfer in the background, but how do I find out its progress. How do I know it has completed so I can shut down my PC? Thanks Mick