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Copy Avahi/AFP/Netatalk to full slackware


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I'm running on top of a full slackware install by following the instructions here:




Now the instructions only say to copy the contents of sbin from unraid and a selection of libraries. However some of the binaries and libraries for getting AFP working as 2.2.0 aren't on the instructions.


Anyone know what needs adding to those instructions to get that side of beta10 working properly?



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I haven't installed netatalk on top of Slackware, so this will likely be missing files and details, but it's a start. I think the following directory (recursively) and the handful of binaries need to be copied from unRAID (5.0 beta 10) to Slackware:






If I'm not mistaken, beta 10 was upgraded to netatalk 2.2, so I thought these files might be needed since they changed between unRAID beta 9 and unRAID beta 10 and I figured this should be a majority of the netatalk needed files.

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Thanks! The instructions on the wiki basically involve copying the whole of /usr/sbin across. Is there any reason why I shouldn't just copy across the whole of /usr/bin as well?


Do I need any libs as well?



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I figure only copy over what's needed as Slackware 13.37 / 13.1 may have newer binaries than what unRAID has when it was built. I dont know about libs, but none showed up in the diffs from beta 9 to beta 10, so there may not be any.


To see if you need any libs, have a look at using "ldd" on the binaries to see what libraries they will use and need.

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Hmm copied over what I could find. Getting avahi errors in the syslog so need to see if I can figure those out.


I'm beginning to wonder if I'd have been better off just sticking with stock. Having to keep unraid + slackware in sync all the time is going to be a pain....

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