unraid Apps not showing download stats


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I am the owner of the s-pdf repo and its unraid template and wanting to check its unraid download statistics,
When looking at the info in unraid i see 
" Note: All statistics are only gathered every 30 days" 
But i dont see a graph for this or other repositories that have been added last few months.
Are these stats not supported for new entries?
It has been over 90 days since i added it so i know its not a 30 day wait issue..

unraid-templates/s-pdf.xml at main · Frooodle/unraid-templates (github.com)

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Without going through 3 1/2 months worth of logs, There's currently 2 entries on the trends


April 29th - total of 20857 downloads

~March 29th - total of 10616 downloads.


These are across the spectrum of docker pulls, not just Unraid.


To go through the logs from Jan 27th, Feb 27th to determine what happened on the date it was added, and the date of the first scheduled recheck on downloads is most likely not going to happen.


FWIW, until there is 3 months of data in there (currently only 2) no graph will appear.


This is all public information obtained from docker itself.

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Ahh that makes sense 

Currently when no graph is displayed it simply says stats are every 30 days giving the impression it should be shown within 30 days 

If it requires 3 collections and each are 30 days that makes sense 


Maybe if no graph is shown it should mention something like this? 

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