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My First unRaid Server Build (i3 Build)


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Next week finally i will build my first unRaid Server... Already Builded :)


I am finding it difficult to find specific parts, especially the motherboard! Essentially because i want to build a green server... no more than 40 watts in idle is my true objective!!

For that... AMD Fusion or Atom Ion Board is initial my first choices, than i discover the economic and the beast power provide for an i3 build.  I think that i will overkill my initial and money intentions.. but it is ok :)


Mobo : Asus P8H67-M LE REV 3.0

CPU   : Intel Core i3 2100T 3M Cache

PSU   : Lc-Power 460W 6460GP3 V2.3 140mmn 80PLUS Corsair Builder Series CX600W V2 80PLUS

Case  : Nox Max (Budget Case for six disks, and more three 5.25 bays)

Corsair 2GB 1333 mhz DDR3

2 x 120mm Nox Blacid Acer

1 x 80mm Nox Blacid Acer

USB Pen Kingston DT100G2/8GBZ (with unRaid Server Plus)




One older 2.5 cache drive disk WDC_WD1600BEVS 160GB


FTP, Samba, XBMC Database, Sabnzbd, Transmission, Video Transcoding add-on, and maybe a cache drive in a 3.5 bay it a windows or ubuntu partition for advance setups and motherboard upgrades. And so on...


Post Edit : Add the Pictures...










I have hacked all the three Nox Acid fans... 5v for a quiet and silent server:




It all drives spun down 33.6 watts in idle!!!




Opinions and thoughts ?


The article in my Portuguese Blog. In fact this is a Portuguese unRaid Build :)

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That power supply seems to be a dual +12V rail model, with only 15A to power hard drives.  It is fine for a small number of drives (5-6 green drives or 3-4 7200 RPM drives), but if you want to expand past that then I suggest upgrading it to a single +12V rail, such as a Corsair 430W or 500W.


Everything else looks fine.  I assume you'll probably want to upgrade your case somewhere down the line.  I agree that the i3 is the best all around CPU for unRAID - low power, yet powerful enough to run any add-on you may like.

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