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Docker and VM manager not starting automatically

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Hi all. I wasn't sure whether to post in the Docker or VM forums, so I'm starting here. I'm having an issue where Docker and VM manager don't start automatically. They behave as follows:


  • If they are enabled when I restart my server, one of the drives in my cache pool drops into my unassigned devices list and the array won't start.
  • If they are disabled when I restart the server, the array starts normally. Then I can go into settings and enable Docker and VM manager manually. In this case, my VMs work normally. Most Docker applications work too, except for a few Binhex applications which won't start at all.


When this problem started, I assumed I had a bad connection on one of the NVME cache drives because the problem was intermittent and hard to predict. I re-seated a loose drive, and although the problem didn't go away, the behavior is very predictable now.


I've attached my diagnostics. Is there anything I'm overlooking? Any tips or directions to an existing thread would be greatly appreciated.


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2 hours ago, JorgeB said:

That NVMe device is being passed-through to the pfsense VM, so when it starts you lose the device, adjust the VM config.

Thanks JorgeB. That seems to have solved the problem. I no longer use that pfsense VM so I just went ahead a nuked it. There's till one Docker application that won't start up, but I'll sort that out later.

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