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6.12.rc6 SMB crashes during transfers

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I just updated to RC6 and after a restart I wanted to transfer (overwrite) about 24Gigs on the array.

The transfer started normally and went on until about 20Gig, then came to a full stop instantly. After a serious grace period it started again, but soon crashed once more... this hickups continued for several minutes until the last 4Gig were send (retries I guess).


syslog told me:

May 20 06:59:53 F kernel: traps: lsof[2888] general protection fault ip:1489d8db4c6e sp:68ddbc1b63cd0c16 error:0 in libc-2.37.so[1489d8d9c000+169000]
May 20 07:00:31 F kernel: traps: lsof[3887] general protection fault ip:153c1d451c6e sp:3598988982f94a09 error:0 in libc-2.37.so[153c1d439000+169000]
May 20 07:01:19 F kernel: traps: lsof[5095] general protection fault ip:14a7ce774c6e sp:db763349fd28ad93 error:0 in libc-2.37.so[14a7ce75c000+169000]
May 20 07:01:47 F kernel: traps: lsof[6554] general protection fault ip:14d38c083c6e sp:76dc469bb1869759 error:0 in libc-2.37.so[14d38c06b000+169000]


I attach full diagnostics.


(Later on I have successfully transfered another 20Gig (new files this time) without any hassle. Maybe this was a one-timer? or it is bound to "overwrite", time will tell and if it gets too bad, I will revert to rc5)




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