Windows NT 4 Server as VM?

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Does anyone have pointers for how to install an NT4 server VM?  I've got a working VMWare setup I want to use but QEMU-IMG won't convert the vmdk.

Should I base this off an existing Windows Server template and if so, which one and what is needed regarding the drivers?  I'm stumped with this one as nobody seems to have NT4 Server running under Unraid.

I've played around with IDE/SCSI for the install but keep getting BSOD during the initial setup phase.

Any help appreciated!

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No, Haven't tried this as I was unaware this was/ could be an option.  I'll try it soonest and report back. 

Everything else I've tried gets no further than not starting the setup after the initial bootstrap.  Error code points to a driver module but I've not tracked down the culprit.  This must be a possibility if I can get it fully working in Vmware.   My next option was going to be running a Windows/ Linux host with Vmware running inside it for the NT system - all as a VM in Unraid - think this may be overkill. 

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I've been trying to set this up manually but am still not getting anywhere.  I've copied the contents of the working directory to my domains share.  I then have the primary vdisk set to manual/ scsi and typed in the name.  Each time on updating the config, it replaces the 'WINDOWS NT.VMDK' file name with vdisk1.img.  The vdisk type is set to raw and not qcow2.

I presume this is the way to do it?  No doubt I'm missing something very simple - any help appreciated otherwise, its nested VM's for me......

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