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May 28 16:27:44 Tower kernel: CIFS: __readahead_batch() returned 4/15


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I am experiencing the same issue as well...

Unraid complains about syslog being full and all I see is:


May 29 01:02:34 kernel: CIFS: __readahead_batch() returned 925/1024
May 29 01:03:23 kernel: CIFS: __readahead_batch() returned 421/1024
May 29 01:03:42 kernel: CIFS: __readahead_batch() returned 573/1024
May 29 01:04:15 kernel: CIFS: __readahead_batch() returned 337/1024
May 29 01:04:48 kernel: CIFS: __readahead_batch() returned 415/1024
May 29 01:05:07 kernel: CIFS: __readahead_batch() returned 825/1024
May 29 01:05:27 kernel: CIFS: __readahead_batch() returned 201/1024
May 29 01:05:30 kernel: CIFS: __readahead_batch() returned 11/1024
May 29 01:05:37 kernel: CIFS: __readahead_batch() returned 61/1024


I have mounted two SMB volumes from my Synology to the Unraid server so I can transfer the files across.

Is there any way to stop SMB/CIFS from adding informational logs in the syslog?

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What version of SMB is being used on the Synology?


If you unmount the SMB share and remount it, the Log will show you the negotiation that goes on in the process.


My DroboFS is old enough that it is still using SMBv1.  When a shere there mounts, the log shows it started with SMB latest and then negotiates down until it gets to SMB v1.


Hope this helps shed some light.



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On 5/30/2023 at 7:41 PM, ThanasisPolitis said:

Thank you for the reply!


Synology is configured to use minimum SMB2 with large MTU and max SMB3.


Synology reports that it is using SMB3

User [unraid] from [...] via [CIFS(SMB3)] accessed shared folder [...]


Have you found a fix? I am facing the same problem with an attached Synology as well.

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I am seeing this the first time today (I checked back for the last 6 months), although there are no new SMB exports or mounts and unraid has been updated to the latest stable version a while ago.


The time it started to appear in the logs seems to coincide with when a macbook started to backup to unraid using TimeMachine (which is using an SMB disk share). The macbook does this once every day, so I wonder why I didn't see this log entry earlier.


Next day I saw that the flurry of this message ended when a backup of a SMB share ended that is hosted on a TrueNAS VM and mounted on unraid using Unassigned Devices in /mnt/remotes. This would mean these messages are actually coming from the SMB client on unraid.


No idea why this would happen now and not earlier, no idea how to solve it.


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