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Drives not Detected

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Hey all, I have an old dell server that I got for free, a PowerEdge T410 i'm using as a plex / arr server.  The drives were detected in the past with old 500gb drives, but new drives are not being detected or the old ones when they are unplugged and replugged.  I'm having issues switching out a failed drive.  I'm fine resetting the server so I tried but no drives are being detected now, even the older ones.  Also the new 4tb drives I got are being read as 2.2 tbs, so I assume this is because it's an old raid card.  I've posted the diagnostic data, could I get some recommendations on what I can do to get any drives detected?  Will I have to get a new raid card?  Any recommendations would be great, I've build desktops but nothing with servers or their hardware so new to this world of raid / sata etc.


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