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Stop Buying WD NAS Drives (SpaceRex)

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"Western Digital has ben caught again with anti consumer practices on their NAS drives.


This time they are marking some of their drives which have had more than 3 years of power on hours as 'warning' within Synology DSM (this is right after their 3 year warranty runs out).

This can cause tons of issues within DSM, as actual warnings, such as too many relocated sectors, will go unnoticed.


This is not the first time WD NAS drives have had serious anti-consumer behavior, the most notable was them secretly shipping SMR drives as NAS drives."

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On 5/31/2023 at 11:59 AM, DSandyGuy said:

Well that's not good... Hopefully this has zero affect on Unraid.


I literally just bought the 2 for $500 Red Pro 18TB deal that have going on this morning to replace my parity drives. And their website has no way to cancel an order....

I am considering buying these for an external backup option: is it known if unraid has any impact?  I am guessing no, and that it doesn’t look at WDDA and instead only at SMART. 

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