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  1. Thanks jonathanm ! I'll stick with my request for (yes, as you better clarify) a GUI feature. I don't really want this enough to create scripts yet...but now I know how I could approach it.
  2. Ability to group Docker Containers So that I can start or stop them all at once - my primary desire ex: When working with media content, I may want to open a download docker, file renamer, file manager, ... ex: Maybe I'm testing some things working together and want to keep them together <maybe but not too important> so that I can update them all at once <maybe but not too important> so that I can clean up a large list of dockers
  3. Yes, that was it. Thank you. I am on a Mac, and using UltraVNC seems great. Not sure I like the client, so I'll look at others. I wanted to use the built in OS X "Screen Sharing" App, but couldn't get that to connect. I'm thinking it may be port issues or something, so I'll keep trying at that.
  4. Thanks to the OP for posting this. I just changed mine, on a Dual Xeon setup as well and assume this is correct (sharing for others):
  5. The builtin VNC Remote feature used to work well (speedy/performant) and at some point that changed. I *think* it was with updates to Unraid v6.2 or 6.3 - but maybe not. Is anybody else having issues (it becomes supper laggy and then just freezes the screen and doesn't respond to inputs)? Remote Desktop works totally fine, and the VM didn't change (Win10). Related to this, I find I need to use VNC instead of RDP because of video driver issues. I'm mostly trying to configure the VM to support Game emulation (via Steam Link), and RDP gives me DirectX/3d errors and VNC does not. If anybody could enlighten me on this, maybe I could just use RDP...
  6. Thanks, your post did prompt me to learn much more about dockers and how unraid uses them. I'm a very new unraid/docker user so this was good. After trying to setup a variety of airsonos dockers from hub.docker.com (via the community plugin) - I didn't have any success and give up. My request: if someone is currently running airsonos - share the docker repo you are using please!
  7. Yes, please do consider making it available as an uraid app! I installed it, but doubt it was done correctly and thusly isn't doing anything... I think Sonos is getting plenty popular, and with outstanding gaps in Podcasts, etc., I think this would be pretty valuable to the community.
  8. Thanks for this input (or for linking for yourself ). I was really struggling with my audio on a headless server w/ no sound card. I had effective sound with the "ich6" sound card XML addition (win 10), but it was crappy. When I removed all sound cards from VM XML, and installed your "VB-Audio Virtual Cable" software it's night and day better. It's perfect. I'm sending audio to my Steam Link over ethernet. THANKS SO MUCH! This saved me from buying another computer essentially.
  9. Just posting progress on my research, in case it helps anyone in my shoes: I just bought a Steam Link which I will aim to use with a VM. I'll hope to run LaunchBox/BigBox on this for my emulated games, and maybe learn it can do more as well. The Steam Link is $20 right now, so I thought it was worth a shot at that.
  10. So I have recently setup a dual Xeon Unraid server, and have misc dockers and a SageTV win 10 VM all running well, with power to spare. Can I use a new VM to run my emulator games On the other side of the house? My server is in a remote corner of the basement, but I have wired eNet in the house. More Context: In my living room I currently have a very affordable and weak PC (AMDe350) successfully running Win 10 and Launchbox/BigBox for playing emulated console games. It is too weak to play anything past ~SNES, and is laggy with the media rich interface. I want better.. Can I setup a "thinclient " on this current wimpy PC? Should I just try RDP? Are there anyother possibilities I should look into? I can't picture running monitor and mouse/keyboard wires across my house. I'm a newb here. I wanted to explore this vs the alternative of just buying a new dedicated PC for emulating games.
  11. After trying this (no successfully), noting the last updates, and this comment: What's the status of this Docker? Is it pretty much dead and not functional now? I quickly tried to get Music Manager going on a VM as well, and it can't succeed on that - something for me resolve (how to actually run Music Manager in Unraid)...