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  1. Hi all, my apologies in advance on my ignorance - I'm trying my best to learn and have read through all I can find here but am at a dead end I feel. I'm using the ARK docker and have a server running with zero problems without mods. However, as soon as I update my INIs and add the appropriate game parameters to the container (Extra Game Parameters = -automanagedmods and Game Parameters = ?GameModIds=ModID1,ModID2) the server no longer starts (even though the container is running). I saw in a previous post to use the command ${STEAMCMD_DIR}/steamcmd.sh +login anonymous
  2. Regardless, thank you so much for your help! Now I can get to work setting my server up with this awesome OS. I'm so excited!
  3. You sir are a genius! That worked! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Are there any limitations with booting via UEFI versus legacy? Everything I read pointed to always wanting to use legacy.
  4. Yes sir, I did try remaking the flash drive with that checkbox enabled, and I also set the BIOS to try legacy first and if legacy fails, try EFI.
  5. Thank you guys so much for the help. Both flash drives do boot on my other machines, just not the TS140. Below is a link to an album that has the relevant BIOS settings, along with the failure boot message. https://imgur.com/a/24b7WeB
  6. Hey all, I'm at a loss - I've been trying for 2 days now to install and try out UNRAID on my Lenovo Thinkserver TS140, but cannot get it to boot from my flash drive. Any help will be greatly appreciated! I've done all of the following: -Set BIOS to legacy only mode -Made sure Secure Boot was disabled -Disabled all boot devices except the "USB KEY" which is the flash drive -Set a single USB port to "Debug Mode" which says places it in USB 2.0 mode -Tried all the above with a 32GB USB 3 flash drive, made from the flash disk creator utility (and af