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nginx 503 error - [error] 6830#6830: limiting requests, excess: 20.215 by zone "authlimit"

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3 hours ago, JorgeB said:
Jun  3 09:26:20 Tower nginx: 2023/06/03 09:26:20 [error] 6830#6830: *4077 limiting requests, excess: 20.215 by zone "authlimit", client:, server: , request: "PROPFIND /login HTTP/1.1", host: "tower"


Do you know which client is

Yes, it's my PC.

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I had this error or at least a very similar one and it had been bugging me for ages. I tried all sorts of things but nothing seemed to help. It had been going on for months by this time. Then I did a few things today and suddenly it is resolved. I'm not sure which action resolved it so I'll list them all, for anyone else like me that might stumble in here. I suspect it was either the logout or the cookie delete, or a combination of both that did it, but that is just a guess

  1. Logged out unraid connect
  2. Fully disabled a chrome browser extension meant to show the details of all cookies of the website that's being displayed. It can also edit, export, delete,...those cookies. It's called "EditThisCookie" but there are many others
  3. Disabled DarkReader extension specifically for the unraid interface. This extension generates a "dark mode" version of every webpage even when the page itself doesn't have that. I left this extension enabled, just added unraid to the exception list
  4. Logged out unraid itself, so a local logout
  5. Went to browser cookie management and deleted all cookies for the unraid interface and for good measure also deleted all unraid.net, forums.unraid.net and all related cookies
  6. closed browser completely
  7. opened browser and logged unraid back in
  8. Logged unraid connect back in

Before this, every time I switched pages on the unraid interface, 10-15 of these errors would scroll by and they detailed my PC from which I had the unraid interface open as the "client" in the error message. They would also periodically appear, 20-30 at a time, usually every few minutes but sometimes continuously, even when not doing anything in the interface except just having the page open. All in all, hundreds and hundreds of these errors used to littered the logs. After these actions, no more error, not matter what I do

For reference, her is one of my error messages. There were a few different ones with the same general error message but different HTTP commands, different referrer URLs, different "excess" number,.... They all said "limiting requests, excess" and "authlimit" though

Dec 23 09:11:49 unRAIDServer nginx: 2023/12/23 09:11:49 [error] 27474#27474: *7340846 limiting requests, excess: 20.958 by zone "authlimit", client:, server: , request: "GET /login HTTP/2.0", host: "", referrer: ""

After having a recurrence of this issue, I can (in my case) safely say that it was caused by the DarkReader extension, as it started occurring again right after I enabled that again for the Unraid interface. If you do not have this extension, it might be worth it to try disabling your other extensions one by one, especially those that have any influence on web page content, to find out which extension might be causing it, if any

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