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  1. increased CPU load every 10 seconds!? Intel Xeon E5-2620 v3 my UnRAID is bored 90% of the day. there are no dockers, no VM's and no one on the LAN accesses the shares. With 6.8.3, prior to upgrading to RC2, the CPU load was mostly at 0-1%, sometimes there was a spike to 5% on a core. Now with RC2 I see multiple CPU cores spike to to 15% every 10 seconds..... (all array disks spun down, no one using it for anything).
  2. I have not tried that. I only have my Array disks, cache SS and one disk I share through unassigned devices for backups. That entry in the log just keeps showing up throughout the day.
  3. Anyone else gets this error in their log?
  4. Already changed the HBA and all cables. I still get this error in the log several times throughout the day. I do not recall getting that error prior to the upgrade to 6.9.2 RC2 What does it even mean? What is this task it tries to abort? *edit* Recently replaced the LSI 3008 with a LSI 2008 (including the cables), this error message still shows up. Jan 18 07:23:17 NAS kernel: sd 3:0:4:0: attempting task abort!scmd(0x000000006d823564), outstanding for 15380 ms & timeout 15000 ms Jan 18 07:23:17 NAS kernel: sd 3:0:4:0: [sdf] tag#789 CDB: opcode=0x85 85 06 20 00 00 00 00 00
  5. So if I would get this one then it comes with IT-Mode not IR-Mode?
  6. Ah so if I would not have bought an LSI SAS 3008 and instead went straight for an 9300-8i then I would not have had to flash the IT BIOS? Cool, great to know! So you would still go for an 9300-8i in 2021, right?
  7. After the update to RC2 everything seemed fine but then I started to notice that Unraid would wake up disks even when data was copied to the *cache* not the array. I also noticed that throughout the day some disks get spun up for no apparent reason - at times where everyone is asleep - there are no VM's nor dockers, Unraid is used as a plain NAS
  8. Thank you! I was only looking at the log next to the disk in UD which did not show anything. Looking at the correct log I guess there is indeed something wrong with that partition. I did shutdown the PC as usual though before I removed it. Well... lets investigate. Dec 30 22:17:36 NAS unassigned.devices: Mount warning: The disk contains an unclean file system (0, 0). Metadata kept in Windows cache, refused to mount. Falling back to read-only mount because the NTFS partition is in an unsafe state. Please resume and shutdown Windows fully (no hibernation or fast restarting.)
  9. RC2 with 2020.12.19 For a long time I used UD to share a 6TB drive, which was previosuly used in a Windows PC and only contains a single NTFS partition. That drive/smb share still works nicely! 👍 However today I added a 512GB SSD (using the same settings in UD as the 6TB drive). When I access that share from a Windows PC it tells me that it is "write proteced"!?!? Even though "read only" is not enabled in UD. The settings are identical to the 6TB drive and the same SMB user is used as for the 6TB drive. Another thing I just noticed is that the "Change Disk UUID" dropdow
  10. Upgraded my Unraid Server (which runs inside ESXi) to RC2 about a day ago. Everything is working nicely so far! Including spin down/up of disks. (note I do not use any dockers nor Vm's in UNRAID, it is a pretty simple setup with an LSI 2008 in IT mode, 5x 8TB HDD's Array, 1x 500GB cache SSD and 1x 6TB share unassigned devices)
  11. Thx I just read your reply in the 6.9RC1 thread! But I guess I will wait for RC2 which fixes some spinup/down issues remaining in RC1?
  12. So I just need to upgrade to 6.9RC1 to get that functionality. Guess I will check the thread about known issues in the RC and if it is worth to wait for the final. Thank you! Good thing I RTFM
  13. Oh, so the current "Spin down disks?" setting in the Unassigned Devices configuration will only start to work with 6.9 RC1?
  14. Cache Plugin Seems like the "include folders" feature does not support folders that use a & Fotoalbum Anita & Chris Software & Resources Dec 15 07:37:52 NAS cache_dirs: ERROR: included directory 'Fotoalbum\ Anita\ &\ Chris' does not exist. Dec 15 07:37:52 NAS cache_dirs: ERROR: included directory 'Software\ &\ Resources' does not exist. Could the plugin support that in the near future?