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Move a server registration to my own account?

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I've set up a server for a relative, that I will fully manage.

At the time of the setup, I thought that using an independent registration account would be better, but now (that myservers is evolving and getting better) I want to add it to my "own" servers.

How can I do that?


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24 minutes ago, JorgeB said:

I assumed the server had not been used with Connect/MyServers yet, if it was with a different account not sure it can be used with a different one.

No that is what I say, it was already logged with another account.
I hope there is a way to "move" things around.


There is my case where it is an admin decision on how to manage things or other more "serious" cases where a server is sold to another entity as is (legal issues).

There has to be a way.


Should I contact someone?

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