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Upgrading 2TB parity drive to 4TB drive. Sanity check please.

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So, I am planning to upsize my 2tb parity drive to 4tb.  I think I understand the process, but I would like a sanity check.  I am planning to do this in the following order.

1) Shutdown server

2) Remove old parity drive

3) Install new precleared parity drive in the same slot on the same controller port

4) Boot server

5) From GUI acknowledge that the parity drive does not match and start array to rebuild parity...

6) And done.


Am I on the right track?


Thanks Matt


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Yes, but the drive doesn't have to be precleared, that's only useful to determine if the drive is healthy, and it doesn't have to be in the same slot on the same controller. Unraid tracks drives by serial number regardless of port or controller. You will need to select the new drive in the parity slot dropdown where it will show the removed drive as missing.

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