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Disk in Error State - Unraid 6.11.5

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Hi there,

I hope someone can help. Very worried at the moment.


I logged into my server GUI for the first time in a few days (i must have turned notifications off at some point) and noticed one of my disks was disabled. 

It's hot here at the moment and this happend right after a successful parity check on the 1st/2nd of the month. 


Can I simply swap the drive out and resync parity? Like i would if i was adding a new drive. 

Like this post: 



Could i just reenable the drive to see if it works?

Diagnostics attached for anyone who can help. 


Thanks in advance


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50 minutes ago, skidmcmarx said:

Should I have all my dockers shut down while doing this, or does it matter?

Depends on the containers, if they are not reading/writing large amounts of data to the array it won't be a problem, if they are it can slow down the rebuild, but you can disable them at any time.

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Sounds like a plan. 


I've startedthe rebuild and didn't put the array in Maintenance mode. I need to read some files from the server. 


Currently set to take around 20 hours. 

I'll report back when it's done. 


Thanks again for the guidance. I really appreciate it. 

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