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Docker Containers Losing Internet Connectivity Sporadically

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I've been encountering a frustrating issue with my Unraid setup, specifically with my Docker containers losing internet connectivity on and off. It's been going on for a while now, and I'm hoping to get some insights and suggestions from the community here.


The problem manifests as intermittent periods where the Docker containers completely lose internet access for several minutes to an hour or two. Afterwards, they regain connectivity as if nothing happened. It's quite puzzling, and I've attached the logs and files.


Here are a couple of graphs depicting the pings using uptime kuma: one during a 24-hour period from an outside server pinging one of my services. Another from the instance inside the server over the course of a week while experiencing the issue within my system.
The only things losing connection are the internet services, the internal ips have a 100% uptime.



Now, I'm reaching out to you all for any ideas or troubleshooting tips you might have. What could be causing this problem? And how can I further investigate and resolve it?


I've already gone through the usual troubleshooting steps, such as checking network configurations, verifying container settings, and ensuring that the issue is not specific to any particular container. However, I'm still unable to pinpoint the root cause. The system has been running fine for month up until a month or so.

It's also worth pointing out that during these outages I don't lose internet connection in my home network. I also have the outside uptime kuma pointing to my domain and it has a 100% uptime.




Thanks in advance for your assistance!



ivpiter-diagnostics-20230608-1325.zip ivpiter-syslog-20230608-1125.zip

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