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  1. I tried saving the file both at the appdata folder and inside my main unraid share with the same result. It does create a folder inside appdata, as the screenshot shows. Let me know if you need something else. Thanks for the help
  2. Hello! I just installed dirsyncpro and I'm having trouble saving the configuration. I did an initial run and everything worked correctly, but after restarting the server the configuration was lost. I tried saving the configuration inside the docker but i get this "error while saving configuration '/*.dsc'. As far as I can see the docker configuration is the same as other apps that can write appdata. Thanks in advance!
  3. I've had this vm for some time now, it has other applications that are not currently available in docker. So when I migrated to Unraid, I just transferred the vm. I'll give it a shot though, and see if the problem persists. Thanks!
  4. Hello to everyone! I've been using Unraid for a couple months without issues, but recently I started to notice a strange behavior that's driving me crazy. When I'm skipping songs on Plex, sometimes the whole server crashes, to the point I have to manually restart it (cannot ssh, etc..) . I have Plex installed in a vm with Debian, and other than this issue it's running flawlessly. It only happens when I skip songs 🤔 I don't know what else to look for, so here I attach the diagnostics. Thanks in advance! tower-diagnostics-20200116-1720.zip