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Loose drive cage

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I'm running unraid on a PC in a midtower case with 2 3.5 inch drives. The drives were installed sandwiched on top of each other in the included drive bays but they were getting hot during the SMART tests so I bought a generic 5 bay drive cage on eBay to separate them. Unfortunately the cage doesn't have screw holes that line up with my case so I can't fix it down, is it a problem to have the cage sitting loose at the base of my case? TIA

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1 hour ago, rama3124 said:

is it a problem to have the cage sitting loose at the base of my case?

Depends. Could be catastrophic if you move the case and forget it's loose.


Maybe zip tie through some of the existing holes to secure it? Best case would be to drill a couple new holes, but if you do, be very careful where the metal shavings go. Lots of sticky tape and careful cleaning.


Another thought, maybe a large bit of double stick foam tape? If the surface is clean, that stuff can hold a lot of force.


Regardless, I'd figure out a way to keep it from sliding loose, hard drives weigh enough to tear components off the motherboard if you aren't careful.

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