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Win11 GPU passthrough issues

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Good day,

Thank you for your time! 


I would like to use a monitor with my VM. I have been trying to figure out how to pass through my old GPU 2080TI. The test VM is called workstation. I am able to remote in to the VM but windows acts very strange. I can repeat the issue when I right click on the desktop and click display nothing happens. The popup box stays on top until I restart the VM. On occassion I can't open anything. I restart the VM and server. I uninstall the VM and reinstall. The VM runs fine when I don't try to pass through the GPU. One I select the GPU, the VM goes crazy. After many installs, I am at least able to try to install the graphic driver but it fails.  "driver is not compatible".  I am getting close. :)


On my blueiris VM, I changed the graphic setting to my GPU. It will start but I can't remote into it. I know that windows is not running for I have the blueiris setup to run as a service and it is not sending notificaitons. When I return the graphic setting back to VNC, I still can't remote into it.


I included my VM edit to show my CPU pinning and settings. The system log is also attached. Any suggestions?

VM Edit View1.png

VM Edit View2.png


NVIDA Issus.png


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