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Cache pool keep going read only. How can I reformat it and start over?

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Initial issue was because the pool ran out of space:


Jun 12 15:26:09 Truffle kernel: BTRFS: error (device nvme1n1p1: state A) in btrfs_finish_ordered_io:3329: errno=-28 No space left


You have two different capacity devices using raid0, in case you're not aware it will only be able to use 2 x smallest device capacity, you can change to single profile to use full pool capacity.


To re-format the pool stop the array, click on the first device of the pool and then click "erase", then start array and you will have the option to format the pool.

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The pool (cache_media) shows that its 1.3TB, so its currently using the whole thing. I mean, I think. But maybe I screwed something up when I attempted to recreate it?


Also, is the pool not able to recover on its own from filling up? This pool is a landing place for new media. My understanding was that if it fills up, things would just write to the array until space opened up, and that eventually the pool would recover on its own. Is that not the case?

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5 minutes ago, flyize said:

Also, is the pool not able to recover on its own from filling up?

You should avoid completely filling up COW filesystems like btrfs or zfs, make sure you set the appropriate share(s) and pool floor and if you are using user shares it will stop writing at that point or spill over to the array.

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