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Attempt to rebuild data disk failed, original disk now shows a "New Device"

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I attempted to upgrade a disk last weekend. I replace Disk 5 with a 8TB drive and restarted the array. After the rebuild started, I noticed that Disk 4 was showing up as valid (green) but also as 'unmounted'. I panicked and cancelled the rebuild, powered down, then re-installed the old Disk 5. Both drives showed up as unmountable. I ran xfs_repair on both drives. Drive 4 doesn't get past phase 1, but I managed to 'fix' Drive 5. I was hoping to rebuild Drive 4, but Drive 5 now shows up a a "New Device" and I'm unable to start the array. Is there any way to force Unraid to accept Disk 5 as being valid? I've attached a screen shot of the array configuration and the diagnostic zip file.617886010_arrayscreenshot.thumb.png.e557937dfd01f05458489448393c84d8.png


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It looks like you posted again under a different account. I am not going to approve that post.


If you want more help post under the same account as before. 


There is a way to accept disk5 and rebuild disk4 assuming everything is reasonably in sync. 


Or it might be better and simpler to accept both data disks as they are and rebuild parity.


Several ways to proceed. 


Do you have a spare disk? 

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