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Unraid vs TrueNAS | Ease of use vs speed & remote access

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Hey team

I've recently built my first server. Usage: mass media storage, direct file editing for apps like photoshop & premiere pro, and a 'google drive' like storage cloud. I have an hba card and 10GB NIC

So originally I was interested with Unraid due to the ease of expanding drives, general ease of use.
But I then went in the TrueNAS direction as I was told it would be faster for my editing puposes.

I have been attempting to set up my Truenas server for remote acesss with Nextcloud, VPN with Wireguard. But man is it difficult, there are not really any straight forward guides, especially for noobs. It is really fkn complicated.

So now im second guessing this decision and would like to move back to the Unraid idea. As I see there is a google drive plugin, and from the looks of things Unraid is much easier to set up.


1. Now that Unraid has ZFS would it still be slower than Truenas? Is directing file editing possible even from NVME? 


2. How straight forward is it to remote access? Do you need DDNS, cloudfare DNS, port forwarding, domain name, certificates,  etc etc?(like Trunas does)


3. With google drive plugin, do you actually get your own server space in the same google drive / workspace? So lets say i have 30GB on my workspace drive and 40TB on my server, now I have 40.03TB?


4. Additionally what other pros / cons should I consider?




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