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Reverted back to unraid 6.11.5 and system is now much slower

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I jumped too early on the 6.12.0 bandwagon.  So I went back to 6.11.5 and right now the system is very unresponsive. It works but it's not happy about anything. I've just deleted my docker vdisk and I'm reinstalling but it's pretty slow to download and install. When I am doing the download/install I can't do anything with the system in my other tabs. It's just very slow.  On the dashboard it's showing my cpu sometimes peg all cores at 100%.  I'm not seeing anything in the dockers using that much. Could it be that when in 6.12 and updating everything, all the plugins, that there were issues with compatibility once I went back to 6.11.5? Attaching my diagnostics to see what's eating up my machine.

Tower Diagnostics 6-18.zip

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Check Plex and SABnzbd.


22212 nobody    27   7  443504 413888  13680 S 331.2   0.6   2:49.40 Plex Tran+
10184 nobody    20   0 6899020 710276  16160 S  12.5   1.1   0:11.84 python3

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