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Maximizing transfer speed on 10Gbps network

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Both Unraid and clients are on 10Gbps network but transfer speed is only 220MB/s (~1.6Gbps) so look like it's limited by storage speed.

How do I fasten it? I'm using 500Gb SSD as a cache drive, and Share settings already used `cache=yes`.



- Unraid server & Windows clients are on 10Gbps network card with 10Gbps switch.

- Unraid server has an array of 7 drives SATA3, and 500GB SSD as cache drive. All connected to a HBA card which connect to PCI-e 2.0 X16



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Your cache is only used when writing NEW files. Once Mover ran, they are moved to the array, so transfer speed drops to device speed.

You should be able to see faster speeds while the file is still on the cache drvie. But with a SATA SSD do not expect more than 400-500MB/s.


6.12 introduces the ZFS file system, this should add a RAM cache automatically. But there are no real life reports from the effects by now.


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