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Swap Order Of Display of Storage/Mover Column on Shares Page

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On the Shares page it is difficult to see at a glance what the initial and preferred/moved storage options are.


That is it is difficult to see the difference between "Cache ---> Array" and "Cache <--- Array". 


Whilst maybe this current ordering is trying to show the primary and secondary storage, we know the Cache must always be the primary storage so this ordering does not help.


It would be more obvious if instead the column showed either "Cache ---> Array" or "Array ---> Cache". 


This way also matches the mover selection when a Share is created/edited.

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I agree with this suggestion. The current UI design makes it difficult to understand how mover will work.  It would be better if arrow always points the same direction as suggested by OP.  Would make it much easier to understand what Mover will do and to confirm you have it set as intended.

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