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Upgrade from 6.11.5 to 6.12 "Unmountable or no filesystem"

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Made another thread that seems not to be the same Problem as of the other ones in here Link

After i started the Upgrade i was unable to connect to the Server either by IP or Name. Had to recreate the USB Stick since i had the Config file saved i thought it was easy. 

I cannot get the Past the "starting mcelog daemon". Starting in Save Mode i get the Unmountable devises. Only the drives that had no data on it where not effected.  Data is Save i was able to Mount them and see the data and Copy/move them. 

- Usb Stick was recreated whit the Unraid USB Creator. Whit my saved copyed config files. 
- Parity was not set(Made some mistakes 1 week ago )
- After emptying a Drive i am not able to Format it. (parity is gone anyway so ....) 

Edit: The Filesytem is BRTFS and i was able to check them and it had found no error. 

Any help or advise would be nice. 

(sry for my bad english) 


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Will do. This also teached me that i need a backup for my Data... 

So unraid is running again but for some reason a Plugin is not alloing me to boot to the GUI. I did not copy any folders from the /config/plugin into the stick and i was able to boot. I will have to reconfig those but thats fine. 

Thank you for your advise! 

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8 hours ago, JorgeB said:

This issue has been identified, for now you need to go back to v6.11.5, v6.12.1 when release should fix this.

Jorge, where are the identified "bugs" of 6.12 documented and/or the proposed changelogs for 6.12.1?  I'd love to see if others are having issues that I may wish to stay on 6.11.5 if they match my setup.


Thank you!!


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