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  1. Not claiming to have it setup properly (I think docker still puts something on the unraid array due to btrfs vDisk setting) - but here's my setup. Both dockers & docker.img are on a zfs dataset & running fine with snapshots. Our setups look very similar, so the only thing I remember having to fix when I initially moved it was to delete the docker.img & let it rebuild itself - got the fix here.
  2. Read through this topic many times, and THANK you for your amazing work! QQ - how did you deploy this? Docker?
  3. @Marshalleq I'm very new to UnRaid & ZFS, but the material here is AMAZING! Squid mentioned above that we can create a .xfs/.btrfs/ext4 volume on top of a ZFS zvol. I've done it by creating both a btrfs & xfs volume that doesn't appear to have any issues, currently using the btrfs one. There was some fun in getting it mounted, but this link set me straight finally! Other sites said to mkfs.btrfs /dev/zd0p1 (which didn't work) vs /dev/zvol/POOL/ZVOL. I did run into issues on how to mount the damned ZVOL after...kinda forgot which worked now, but it was a bit of a hassle. Hope this
  4. MatzeHali, I'd be very interested in seeing any details on your tuning of ZFS parameters & UnRAID setup. I'm moving from Synology to UnRAID, and thought the ZFS was an interesting project to learn a new FS prior to "making the move". I've got 1 NVME drive (currently as unassigned device & zpool), & 4 16TB Exos drives across 2 mirrored vdevs. While everything is setup fine, with a "throwaway" Samsung SSD 870 as the array drive - I'm thinking there's a better way to setup.