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  • When I upgrade to 6.12, my appdata and docker shares are missing

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    so i accidentally fucked up and 2 of the dicks in my array are xfs and one is brtfs (oops). I don't know if that's why.


    here's the output, i reverted back to 6.11.5 . let me know if you need me to upgrade back to 6.12 and post the command


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    This is what is causing the issue, because of having a single array device using btrfs parity has an invalid btrfs filesystem, but I though this was fixed before, need to investigate more.

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    Same here.


    btrfs fi show


    root@Tower:~# btrfs fi show
    Label: none  uuid: ba2ad44b-d872-4a0c-8d0d-61dc7e5fdccf
            Total devices 1 FS bytes used 412.00KiB
            devid    1 size 1.00GiB used 126.38MiB path /dev/loop2

    Label: none  uuid: 2cdae5d7-8ff2-4603-acf1-f618f095ea31
            Total devices 1 FS bytes used 42.64GiB
            devid    1 size 55.90GiB used 55.90GiB path /dev/sdb1



    Restoring versions hasn't helped, will create another thread.

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    9 minutes ago, simono5 said:

    Same here.

    It's not the same issue:


    10 minutes ago, simono5 said:

    will create another thread

    Please do that.

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    I can duplicate the issue, like mentioned above it's caused by parity having an invalid btrfs filesystem, not sure if it's a quick and easy fix or not for LT, if you want to upgrade now you'd need to backup and reformat disk5 to xfs (or btrfs encrypted), or add another btrfs formatted disk to the array (the latter is not certain to help but it usually does)

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