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  1. Good question and one I don't know the answer to. I haven't had any issues with channels suddenly not working.
  2. You mentioned that you wanted less than 30. Didn't seem too many to do manually if absolutely necessary.
  3. Yes you can. You can do it within Emby.
  4. Quick guide on what I did. Works and looks brilliantly. I'm running alturismo/xteve in Host mode. XTeVe Install XTeVe in Unraid Launch XTeVe Click on Playlist and add your m3u file Then Filter - this allows you to Filter IN channels based on their Grouping in the m3u file. I have a number for each sport group I have XMLTV - not needed for Emby Mapping - this is where the effort is invested. Adding the Sky Channel numbers that correspond to the Sky Channel. Matching them correctly will allow for them to be pulled into Emby with right channel logo EPG, etc. XMLTV file should be XTeVe Dummy. In Emby; Add the m3U created by xTeve. Will probably be - http://SERVERIPADDRESS:34400/m3u/xteve.m3u as TV Source under Live TV TV Guide Data Provider - I use SKy SD - Cable Refresh Guide Data Go into Emby and Live TV. Channels should be listed with full EPG. If you have multiple of the same channel then give them their own channel number in XTeVe and manually map the channel in Emby. Happy to help further if I can. My M3u is a mess but was worth the investment in time. I can also now record m3u via Emby and you can specify a custom record path in Emby itself.
  5. 1. I run Emby on Unraid. Use to run it on Xpenology and had no end of performance issues. Runs like a dream on Unraid. Outside LAN access is straight forward, forward the right port from your router to the server and off you go. 2. VPN to access your LAN/Emby is a good idea. Either Wireguard or Open VPN AS. Easy to set up. This is VPN IN and covers 1.3 and 1.4 of your post. Note: PIA for controlling server isn't what you need. PIA is VPN OUT. 3. Yep, straight forward with a bit of patience. 4. I use Binhex Deluge VPN for Torrents.
  6. Looks to me like its been updated tonight? Or am I miss-reading it :-/
  7. Just tested it and works fine here. Set up same as yours. Does redirect eventually to app.plex.tv though so not sure what you're really achieving having it set this way.
  8. I migrated from Xpenology to Unraid with no prior knowledge or real experience of implementing what I wanted. I now have a Gen10 Micro Server running; 1. Pihole - blocking and DHCP 2. Plex 3. Nextcloud 4. Photo library Plus a whole raft of other Dockers that I'm now using. Unraid has been a joyous learning experience. Everything is intuitive and reliable, dockers just work and the community is extremely helpful in the rare occasion things don't quit go to plan. Not sure about homebridge or photo editing but you can spin up a Mac for the latter. I'm finding it does what I wanted and much much more and would recommend it to anyone.
  9. Absolutely brilliant thank you so much.
  10. I've upgraded this evening and my one Ubuntu VM is no longer displayed on the VM page. tower-diagnostics-20191116-1843.zip
  11. If I could throw my hat into the ring for a HP Gen 10;
  12. Getting the same results as mentioned above. Checked the config 1000's times, still can't get this working. "Failed to load Collabora Online - please try later" Anyone managed to get this working since the last update please?
  13. I'll try and help, but I am newish to Unraid. I wanted to get PureVPN working on Unraid and found two options; 1. Virtual VPN Router (see Space Invaders vid) 2. Use Binhex Privoxy VPN (or any of Binhex VPN Dockers as they have Privoxy built in) I tried the first one and got a little overwhelmed with it and gave up. Installing Privoxy with PureVPN was straight forward and now have some Dockers plus my main Windows 10 going through it. I can't explain the merits of either option but the testing I've done on point 2 does suggest all my web traffic is protected via VPN.
  14. Have the same problem, just started this weekend. Will work through my plugins to see if I can find the culprit.