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  1. Ok thank you for the info. Thank you for the clarification. I figured as much. I guess my line of thinking was by applying some logical cores to the VM and dedicated memory maybe something was happening there but you are right I am prob just trying to find a correlation that doesn’t exist.
  2. No it’s not mounted to the array. It’s a drive I previously used as an SSD cache but ended up buying a larger drive so that drive was used to pass through to the vm. I followed one of spaceinvaders tutorials. To be honest I’m still learning as much as I can about all of this.
  3. Ok so the first parity check finished without errors. Sometimes it will do that. Now to clarify I do fully understand that on any shit down it’s possible to have errors and a correcting parity check will need to be ran. That said when I get the thousands of errors I do not shut down the PC nor has it been shut down. I will continue to recreate the issue and report back after the second parity check is completed. since this one did complete without errors I started thinking. Could it be that the windows VM could cause the issue? I have a drive passed through specifically for the VM to run at near bare metal speeds. During the last parity check I did not have the VM running. Most of the time I do. I am beginning to wonder if there is a correlation between the VM running and the tons of parity errors. Any backing to this thinking?
  4. First off I want to thank you for your support as this has been driving me crazy trying to figure out the root cause. I am running the first parity check now. Typically takes around 12-14 hours so may be a minute before I’ve got the logs but will post them as soon as I get both correction checks completed
  5. Ok so I let it run while I was out of town. Came back to 47 hours running but it appears as though no errors.
  6. Got it running. Is it normal for the memory to be reading in wrong? Says the timings are all wrong. Just want to confirm before letting it run and the test be invalid. Also looks like it’s only running a single core?
  7. Thanks for the quick reply. I will start running that now and get back with results
  8. Hey guys been using Unraid for a few years and never had an issue. Recently (around 3 months ago) I began seeing large amounts (Currently 42000+) of parity errors. I would run the parity again and it was hit or miss if it finished the second time with errors remaining. Now days it seems that the errors come on every single parity check. I have no idea if its bad memory failing drive or failing LSI SAS controller. I do not have replacements for the SAS controller nor memory to test so I am wondering if anyone would mind taking a look at my diagnostics to see what they see that may help guide me to the solution of my problem. I'm at my wits ends with this one.
  9. All, I am at my wits end and could really use some support. I have DuckDNS and SWAG installed as dockers for remote access to various dockers on unraid. All is working fine as I followed spaceinvaders videos. I even setup remote access allowing me to connect to my server through the "my servers" link in the forum. So with all of this working I then created a Home assistant VM. I previously had this as a docker but decided I wanted to give it a go as VM. No specific reason except to learn more about various VM implementations. The VM is setup and running fine. The issue I am having is getting remote access for it. I know I need to setup a reverse proxy for it but I am not sure how to do it. I tried to install duckdns and NGNIX from within the VM but I couldn't not get it working. I then tried to add the dns to duckdns and add that to SWAG but then I realized I have no idea how to manually configure the config file as they are all premade for dockers. How the heck can I get remote access for the VM working properly in Home Assistant while maintaining the remote access I have running through the docker containers? I have spent an embarrassingly long amount of time fighting with this for some reason.
  10. Hey Guys looks like I am having the dreaded unpacking issue with the NZBGET docker container. Does anyone know of a fix for this yet?
  11. Thanks a ton for your reply. I was assuming that /data was being mapped as mnt/user/Downloads so with lidarr I needed to map the /downloads to the same folder to see them hence the /downloads being mapped to /mnt/user/Downloads. Apparently that is not the case. Oddly that’s what I am using for sonarr so I figured it was correct. Based on the shots above how would you suggest setting it to ensure it functions properly? Edit: I believe I’ve got it. Sorry folder mapping for some reason is hard for me to fully grasp. Thanks a lot for the support Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Hey guys I feel like an idiot but I have read through this forum and documentation on Github. I cant seem to wrap my head around what my issue is here. I have sonnar and radarr setup and working no problem. I am finally getting around to Lidarr but seem to have a mapping issue. Its clear I am missing something but for the life of me it looks correct. When I try to map the downloads in LIdarr to /Media it will not select the folder. No error or anything just will not select it. Any clues on what I might be doing wrong here?
  13. Thanks for the information. I have followed a couple of those prior to posting. It ends up formatting and shows the correct format but still unmountable. I’m going to unmount and use UD to see if I can fix it. A few of those others I didn’t find and I think will be helpful. Thanks
  14. Hey guys I just bought another 8tb drive and ran it through pre clear and added it to my array. It added the disk without any issue and started the array. Once the array started its showing the disk as unmountable due to non supported partition. The only thing different with this disk and the other 5 I’m using is the new pcie card. I ran out of motherboard ports and purchased a lsi sas 9207-8i. I read I may need to flash it but it seemed that unraid picked it and the disc up without issues...we’ll until now. Anyone have any advice on some troubleshooting tips I can go through to help get the disk to add to the array properly?
  15. Hey guys I’ve got a Rosewill RSV-L4312 case that holds 12 drives. I also have two SSD drives connected and one M.2 all used for cache. My motherboard is a Maximus hero IX and a 6700k processor. I built this using most of my older gear hence the Mb and processor type. The issue I’m running into is the hero only had 6 sata ports. I’ve already maxed them out and have two more drives on the way. I figured I would buy an 8 port pcie sata expansion used on eBay and right before I bought it I did a quick search to see if there would be an issue. I came across a bunch of posts talking about the need of flashing it etc. I wanted to reach out and see what the best plug and play solution would be for a reasonable price. I want it to be reliable but would rather not spend a ton of money if it isn’t warranted. All suggestions welcome. also not familiar with flashing so if there is one that doesn’t require that would be a plus.