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Upgrade to 6.12.1, Cache Drive Disappeared?

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I'm not sure what happened exactly. I did the update to 6.12.0 and everything worked as it did before. When I upgraded to 6.12.1 the next day, all of a sudden I have no dockers installed and my appdata folder is empty. My Pool Devices shows my Cache drive as Not installed. I can't see any unmounted or unassigned devices connected. Is there something I did incorrectly, or do I just have bad timing in having my drive fail right when I was doing some updates?


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Tried the downgrade...didn't work.

I swapped the SATA cable just in case. Rebooted to the BIOS, checked to make sure the drive was there, then booted into safe mode on the physical device (not remote via browser). Was able to see the drive and get it back in. Rebooted into normal mode and it's working great. Weird.


Thanks for the help!

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13 hours ago, barefootwarrior said:

all of a sudden I have no dockers installed and my appdata folder is empty

Probably your docker related shares (system, appdata) were recreated from scratch on an array disk because you had docker enabled when you had no cache drive.


You should clean that up, or post new diagnostics with the array started and we can advise in more detail.

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