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unraid locking me out when copying from nvme to nvme and errors

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hi i just got this  samsung s980 pro 2tb nvme and i working on building an archive server


so i put in my WD  2tb black nvme    in and i did a copy from WD 2tb to Samsung 2TB  and i get locked out for a while

my rsync  crashes  and it closes the window  the hard drive light keeps going.. and i can ping but i cant ssh or get access to the gui


it takes like 5 min before unraid comes back..  so its like 100% cpu is locked up and i locked out.. there is some warnings and errors  i not sure what it means


can someone tell me if its nvme  either WD or Samsung  or if its the cpu


and i ran the rsync from nvme to nvme twice...  so the first time i got some warnings  and then i was locked out and terminal window closed.. then it came back...  

then i retried again and then locked me out and terminal window closed and it came back after.. then i found the duplicated errors  cuz i rysynced it    so i realize those ..  just dont know why i get locked out  and it crashes  and the red errors etc


oh and when i do get it copying  it caps off at 1.2gb/s   one is reading and one is writting.. but i not getting like 5gb/s   i figured id get from copying from nvme to nvme   both pcie 4 nvmes 

but the rsync when it did copy all said

sent 194,329,695,866 bytes  received 1,981,297 bytes  818,238,640.69 bytes/sec
total size is 1,199,304,972,472  speedup is 6.17


so i not sure what is 6.17 is that the gb/s  but yet unraid gui said 1.2gb/s   so i not sure if i have things miss configured etc




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