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Remote connect through T-Mobile router - need help

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I am a relative noob with Unraid.  My objective in creating a network server was two-fold:


1)      Create a backup server for my main PC.

2)      Learn about network servers in general.


I’ve successfully gotten my server up and running, it’s doing nightly backups with no issues, and I think I have a basic understanding of Unraid.  I now want to gain access to my server remotely:  first with Unraid Connect, then FTP, then perhaps Plex (which is already running on my main PC and accessible remotely).


My issue is I’m using a T-Mobile router which cannot act as a bridge, does no port forwarding, and has no way to turn off DNS rebinding protection.  The Unraid server itself is connected to an ORBI RBR50, which is connected to the T-Mobile router.  It’s a double NAT situation where the T-Mobile router’s DNS assigns the Orbi’s IP address (192.168.12.xxx) and the Orbi assigns the other IP addresses for all the devices in my home (10.0.0.xxx).


I use LiteManager for remote access to my PC now (similar to Teamviewer) and it figures out how to connect without me doing anything.  The same is true for Plex.  It just works.  I access my Unraid network via my PC using LiteManager, but I’d like to connect directly versus through my PC.


From what I’ve read, I need to use a VPN service (I‘m thinking Tailscale specifically) but I do not know how to do that with my setup.


I’m hoping someone has experience with the T-Mobile router’s limitations and can point me in the right direction.  Thanks in advance.

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Apparently, not too many people are using T-Mobile routers.


I've installed Unraid Connect, ProFTPb, and Tailscale and had some success.  Here's the current status:


1) I've connected my Unraid server, my desktop pc, and my laptop to Tailscale's virtual network.

2) I can ping each machine using the Tailscale-provided IP addresses.

3) Using Filezilla, I can FTP files to/from my Unraid server remotely.


What I cannot do is run the Unraid gui dashboard remotely.  I'm thinking I should be able to use the Tailscale-provided IP address in my remote browser, but I get a message that the Unraid server refuses to connect (versus an error which says it can't find it).  I'm guessing I'm missing something, but I don't know what that would be.


I can run Unraid Connect, but I cannot access the GUI dashboard using the addresses it provides.


I'm not sure what my next step is.  Any help would be appreciated.

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So far, no responses.  I'm going to repeat some of the previous post...


While the T-Mobile router still isn't ideal, I don't think that's the issue.  I've installed Tailscale on the Unraid server, my local computer, and my laptop - which is often remote.  I can ping each machine using the Tailscale-provided IP address.  I installed ProFTPd on the Unraid server and Filezilla on both my local computer and remote laptop.  Using the Tailscale-provided IP address, I can FTP files back and forth between these machines with no issues.  However, I cannot connect to the Unraid webgui from the remote laptop using the Tailscale-provided IP address.  The error message is "server refused to connect."  I assume this means there is some setup parameter that I'm missing, but I have no idea what it might be.


Any help would be appreciated.

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T-Mobile uses CGNAT, which means you can't forward a port. That prevents Unraid Connect Remote Access from working and limits what you can do with WireGuard. I haven't used Tailscale, but if it makes a permanent connection to some other server when it starts then I can see how it might work with CGNAT

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@jrmcmillan most of what I’ve read / found online about this problem points to using a reverse tunnel like CloudFlare Tunnel, BUT CloudFlare doesn’t allow you to use media apps like Plex in their tunnel.


i found another service called LocalXpose that does the same thing, but I don’t know how to set it up on UnRaid. It has a docker image, but I don’t understand how to just use a docked image on UnRaid. I typically install everything via the store and their isn’t a LocalXpose app in there.

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The short answer is I'm not 100% sure.  I installed tailscale to get remote access to the Unraid dashboard.  About a week later, I installed Plex (tailscale already installed and running) and I have remote access to Plex as well.  The reason I don't know for sure is because I also have Plex installed on a Windows PC and had remote access to that years before installing tailscale via Plex.tv.  I suspect tailscale is not necessary to access Plex remotely via Plex.tv.


Tailscale does allow me to access Plex remotely by using the Unraid server's direct address, as in "servername:32400".  Doing it this way, Plex thinks I'm on the local network.

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